Grumblebee Rum Christmas Cracker

Grumblebee Rum Christmas Cracker


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Delightful single Christmas cracker with a small bottle of Grumblebee Rum.

Finally a cracker for grown-ups and no more of that plastic rubbish! These are perfect for Christmas parties and events or even as stocking fillers. Each cracker contains a 5cl Grumblebee Rum, hat, snap and the customary bad joke.


Grumblee Rum

Notes from the distillery:

A base of West Indian Rum infused with warming kitchen spices and a drizzle of sweet and fragrant honey.
We source our honey from our own hives deep in the Exe Valley, just above Black Cat Bridge on the River Exe. All of our honey bees were rescued from extermination and re-homed to our hives.
Bees are vital to the ecosystem. Save the bees, drink Grumblebee Rum.
35% ABV

Tasting Notes:
Warming, sweet honey notes over a backdrop of punchy spiced rum, hints of citrus, smooth vanilla and caramel – a magical taste of Devon.

Our Serving Suggestion
Enjoy Grumblebee neat over ice to enjoy its sensational, full flavour.
For a refreshing drink, try a generous serving of Grumblebee over ice and mix with Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer.
For a summery drink, try Grumblebee with half apple juice and half lemonade for a delicious
For a winter warmer, splash a drop of Grumblebee in your coffee or hot chocolate.



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