Events At The Bottling Plant

Christmas Reindeer Building Workshop
Willow Weaving Craft Workshop - 18th November 2023

Join us for a fun-filled event where you can let your creativity shine and create your own reindeer just in time for Christmas! This event is perfect for everyone. These are from 10cm to 15cm high. You will have the opportunity to create and take home multiple items during this workshop (aiming for 3 items).

Get ready to have a jolly good time as we provide all the necessary materials for you to bring your reindeer to life. Start off with a festive hot chocolate and cake. Tracey will guide you through the process, ensuring that you have a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re looking to create these reindeer as a festive decoration for your tree or as a unique gift for a loved one, this event is the perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit.

So mark your calendars and join us for a day filled with laughter, creativity, and the joy of Christmas. Don’t miss out on this exciting event!


Our bar and kitchen will be open and serving throughout this event.

Start time - 10am 18th Novemeber
Tickets - £25 per person
Ticket includes - A welcome drink, cake and all materials
Event booking link - See below

Clare Hinks - Medium
22nd October 2023

Clare has been connecting with spirits for the last 25 years and began when she was just 14 years old. Her journey has led her to not only provide you with validation from the spirit world, but also to offer other spiritual services as well.


Our bar will be open during this event, service alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The kitchen will not be serving food, but there will be bar snacks available.

Start time - 7pm - Sunday 22nd October
Tickets - £12 per person

Victorian Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery Evening - 12th October 2023

Tickets just £18 per person. This includes a welcome drink.
You are invited to join us at The Bottling Plant for an evening of mystery and intrigue. Foul play is
afoot, and no one is above suspicion.
Arrival time is 7pm, when you will be welcomed with a drink, and this is your chance to mingle with
your fellow sleuths, or just enjoy your drink and soak up the atmosphere.
Take your seats around 7:30pm when the mystery will start to unfold around you. Follow the clues
and take the opportunity to interrogate the protagonists between Acts.

Do I need to dress up?
Not at all, but if you’d like to do so, you’re very welcome. This is an immersive Victorian themed
event, so we encourage you to join in the fun and there is a prize for the best dressed at the end of
the night.
Will there be any food?
Food can be ordered before the event. When you book your table on our website we will email you
the menu and a pre-order form for any food choices.
Will there be a bar?
You can order your drinks on the night either from one of our lovely servers, or you can go up to the
bar in between acts.

Arrival time - 7pm for welcome drinks
Take your seats - 7:30pm
Tickets - £18 per person
Dress code - Not required, but Victorian, if desired

"The 1940's Diamond Heist" - Set in the Savoy Hotel - Year 1944
Murder Mystery Evening - 1st September 2023

The Kimberley Star, the world’s most valuable necklace, has tonight been the centre of attention being worn by its owner, Lady Dunster at the wartime fundraising evening at The Savoy Hotel.

With the fund raising evening being given prominent coverage in the national press, it is sure to have captured the imagination of diamond enthusiasts and jewellery thieves around the world.

The fund raising part of the evening has ended and the necklace is securely locked away in the hotel vault for its overnight stay with a Scotland Yard Detective in attendance. Tomorrow it returns with her Ladyship to her west country home, but is the overnight security sufficient enough to foil any attempt towards stealing it?

 Rumours abound in the London press that the infamous jewel thief known as ‘The Phantom’ has shown great interest. Although for many years avoiding detection or capture throughout France and Britain, and believed by many to be retired, is the Kimberley Star enough to bring ‘The Phantom’ out of retirement?

Watch and listen as the plot unfolds and results in a murder taking place. Can you identify the murderer, and who in fact does have the missing diamond?

Arrival time - 7pm for welcome drinks
Food served - 7:30pm
Tickets - £49 per person
Dress code - 1940's

"Murder on the Nile" - Set in 1955
Murder Mystery Evening - 20th of July

Step back in time to the enchanting realm of ancient Egypt at the prestigious Presidential Hotel in Luxor. Join us for an extraordinary social gathering, where both the locals and esteemed hotel guests come together. Prepare yourself for an evening brimming with intrigue, as the illustrious passengers from a majestic cruise liner find respite in our luxurious establishment.

Whispers of suspicion and tales of corruption loom over one of the esteemed residents of Luxor. Behind closed doors, secrets lie dormant, waiting to be unveiled. Soon enough, the tranquil night will be shattered by the discovery of a lifeless body!

Keep your eyes peeled and ears attuned as the gripping plot unravels right before your very eyes. Only the sharpest minds can discern the truth and unmask the cunning murderer amidst this enthralling tale!

Tickets for the spellbinding production of “Murder on the Nile” are priced at a mere £49 per person, a small price to pay for an unforgettable experience. Indulge in a delectable three-course meal meticulously crafted by our esteemed chefs.

A welcome drink awaits to kick-start the night’s festivities, while our talented performers whisk you away into the world of mystery and suspense. To ensure your presence at this extraordinary event, booking is essential. Reach out to us via telephone or email to secure your table, or simply book online for your convenience.

Arrival time - 7pm for welcome drinks
Food served - 7:30pm
Tickets - £49 per person

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